Lah’Mya — she’s strong, resilient, and perhaps most importantly, she is kind with her huge heart. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lah’Mya over the past three years and to say I’ve been amazed by her is an understatement. She continues to be resilient in tough circumstances. Even when she may have reasons to take an easier path, she chooses the right one, which is often harder. She is very hardworking and frequently thinks through the big picture and her goals. I am really proud of Lah’Mya and fortunate to learn from her, especially when it comes to treating others with kindness and compassion and being resilient while facing adversity. The best is yet to come as she continues to grow!

My name is Lah’Mya, and I am fifteen years old. I am a very loving person, and I’m very kind. I am goofy and like to joke around a lot. I think people who know me would say I have a good personality. I would also describe myself as quiet, and I can be shy. For fun, I like to create TikTok videos, make candles, and go outside of the house to try new things and places.

Being a kid in America can be very hard. With everything going on right now, especially with Covid, it’s hard to be a kid. Some kids don’t always feel safe going to school. Kids have to protest to make sure adults keep us safe at school. Kids my age don’t always know how to express their uncertainty – they know people care, but they don’t know how to share about their feelings. Some kids don’t know how to express themselves.

I started my own business, Bullied & Co., on June 28, 2021 – I had a combined business launch and my birthday bash all in one event. I make and sell candles, bracelets, and lip glosses. I started making candles because I felt like I could put my feelings and emotions into the candles. Through choosing the scents, making each candle, and selecting the quotes I put on the candles – I can express myself. I’m not a very talkative person, but I use my candles to tell my story. People have a better understanding of who I am, and why I started this business.

I also started my business to help other kids come out of their shell and help them be more comfortable when opening up to other people. It’s not easy coming out of a place where you feel so alone. It’s going to take time for kids to come out of their shell and make friends. I want other kids to know that, ‘you are worth it, you are capable of doing anything!’ I also want kids to remember to stay true to themselves  – that is very important.

Age 15
Little Sister

To support Lah’Mya’s business, check out Bullied & Co. on Instagram.

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