Guidelines for Match Meetings and Activities Starting 4.1.2022

Thank you again for your ongoing support to prioritize health and safety, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With guidelines continuing to evolve, we have updated our recommendations for match meetings and activities.

Please remember that the pandemic has impacted each of us in different ways, and the ongoing risks will continue to evolve and vary for individuals. We are grateful to our BBBSCI community for navigating all of this so thoughtfully over the past two years, and we ask for your continued mindfulness and care for each other as we move forward.

The CDC implemented a new Community Level system to guide decisions regarding COVID-19 precautions. These levels and related guidelines for Marion County will be used to guide BBBSCI’s match guidelines beginning April 1, 2022, until further notice.

Match Meetings:  To provide the support needed to all Littles and to encourage the ongoing development of the match relationship, we are asking all matches to see each other in-person, unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, please keep these things in mind as part of your time together:

  1. If you do not feel well or have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should receive a negative test before seeing your Big/Little.
  2. If you test positive for COVID-19, you should fulfill your quarantine per CDC guidelines before returning to in-person activities with your Big/Little.
  3. Masks are not required unless Community Levels go to high, except:
    • If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19, we encourage you to wear a mask.
    • If you were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, we encourage you to wear a mask for 10 days.
    • If you tested positive for COVID-19 you should continue to wear a mask for 10 days after your positive test.
  4. If you develop any symptoms affiliated with COVID-19 while out together, we encourage you to end your match meeting at that time and ensure the Parent/Guardian is notified. 
  5. If you test positive for COVID-19 3-5 days after being with your Big/Little, please notify the other party so they can take the necessary precautions.

As always, consistency and ongoing communication is of utmost importance. If you have any questions of what this might look like for your match, feel free to reach out to your Mentoring Relationship Specialist.

Agency Activities and Support: With the updated CDC guidelines, BBBSCI will continue to increase in-person and group activity options. Bigs, continue to check the Big App and the “BBBSCI Bigs” Facebook page for up-to-date information. Parents/guardians, be sure to refer to the monthly newsletter that shares about some of our upcoming activities and events. 

General Guidelines to Follow:

Testing:  In addition to testing sites throughout Central Indiana, free test kits can be ordered and delivered to your home by going to this site:

Vaccination Disclosure: The relationship between our Bigs, Littles, and Parents/Guardians is grounded in mutual respect, trust, and care for each other.  With this in mind, if requested by the Big or Parent/Guardian, disclosure of vaccination status is required.

Vaccine Information: If you or your loved ones are considering the COVID-19 vaccine, we invite you to watch this video for additional information Please visit the CDC website for more information on COVID-19 vaccines for children and teens. If you have additional questions, please let us know. We’d be happy to connect you to more information.

BBBSCI will continue to monitor the guidelines related to COVID-19. Please stay tuned for ongoing updates and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you, as always, for your dedication and care for each other.

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