Welcome, Sandra & Jeanisa

Big Sister Sandra and Little Sister Jeanisa were matched on May 17, 2022. Jeanisa and Sandra share common interests, such as reading, cooking, and trying new recipes!

Sandra and Jeanisa are looking forward to new experiences with each other! They plan to go to the Central Library and eat at Denny’s. They also look forward to exploring places around Indianapolis!

This match was lit with the support of Amy and Ron Holtz.

Sandra and Jeanisa are 1 of 50 matches made possible thanks to BBBSCI’s Light One Match Giving Society, a new leadership society made possible through the generosity of Al and Shary Oak. To learn more about how you can make 1 match possible or to get involved, click here or contact Cassidy Shah, Annual Giving Manager, at cshah@bbbsci.org.

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