Match: Little Aja Big – Jenna Matelic  

Match Date:  March 27, 2015

Little’s High School: Providence Christo Rey  

Little Sister Aja and Big Sister Jenna have been matched together for eight years. Aja will be graduating from Providence Christo Rey in May of 2023 and plans to attend college in the Fall, and possibly move out of state!

During their Match, Big Jenna and Little Aja enjoyed activities such as Ice Skating, hiking, the children’s museum, long talks, and Match Anniversary Parties. Aja shared that Jenna has taught her to be exactly who she is and has brought so much happiness to her life.

Big Jenna shared that Aja has taught her that there is a whole other world outside of her own. "Discovering a new culture has been so rewarding" says Jenna. Aja has also given Jenna insight into the youth of today which has been "pretty cool". Jenna looks forward to seeing Aja go to college and all the exciting things that await her in this new chapter.

Jenna shared that her Match has given her a friend and sister for life. "Even though things have changed as we have grown, I still see Aja as a part of my family, and that is very rewarding."

If Jenna could share one thing with her Littles, she would tell her "Thank you for showing me what true, unabashed kindness looks like. Your impact on my life has been an unforgettable one. We have laughed, cried, and experienced a lot, and I am forever grateful for you letting me be a part of this journey with you. It has been a wonderful experience."

The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for both Aja and Jenna after graduating from the program. We wish you both the best of luck!