Match: Little – Bugashane Big – Jennifer Wolfe & James Patton

Match Date:  June 16, 2017

Little’s High School: Ben Davis University High School

Little Brother Bugashane, Big Brother James Patton, and Big Sister Jennifer Wolfe for 6 years. Bugashane will be graduating from Ben Davis University High School in June 2023. Come Fall Bugashane will be attending college to study Mechanical Engineering Technology. Bugashane is the scholarship recipient of the Ivy Tech Foundation scholarship.

During their time in the BBBSCI (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana) program Little Brother Bugashane, Big Brother James, and Big Sister Jennifer enjoyed Cool Creek Park, going to the State Fair, making a memory book of all their old pictures/tickets, Colts games, Pacer games, and attending our agency sponsored events such as Game Night, and pizza making activity at Kroger. Bugashane shared that his Bigs have taught him to stay confident in what you do. There might be bad things that happen, but you just need to work hard. What he has gotten most out of his relationship with Jim and Jennifer is emotional support. This has been a big part for him because they have helped him through hard times in and out of school. Jim has gotten most of his relationship with Bugashane is an appreciation for so many things, learned from his winning attitude and never gives up which he appreciates and will carry. Jennifer shared that Bugashane has taught her a greater appreciation of their experiences.

Jim shared if he could share one thing with Bugashane about his impact on his life he would say, "I will always remember the joy Shane has for life. I thank Shane has taught me about having a winning attitude and never giving up. He has the smile." The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for Bugashane, Jim, and Jennifer after graduating from the program. We wish you all the best of luck!