Child Safety & Wellbeing

Please see below for resources related to your child's safety and wellbeing. If you have any questions about existing resources or need more information, please contact Camille Brugh, Senior Director, Mentoring Relationships & Program Outcomes, at or 317-472-3707.

Youth Protection Video Shorts for Parents

The Youth Protection team is excited to provide three new resources for parents. These videos are the first in a series of video shorts for parents as part of our ongoing effort to provide resources for agency staff to educate parents. These video shorts are less than 2 minutes and reinforce concepts presented in BBBSA’s parent training on child sexual abuse prevention, “Your Child’s Personal Safety: What Parents Need to Know About Child Sexual Abuse.” These videos are accessible to anyone and do not require login or access to a specific platform.

To access the videos, please visit: and click: "Resources for Parents"

Online Safety Recommendations

As we rely more heavily on technology to help keep us connected, it’s a great time to ensure online safety measures are in place. Click here to view our agency's online safety recommendations.