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April 21 , 2024

Celebrate Mentoring

Celebrate Mentoring is the capstone event of the Big Futures: Career & College Readiness program, presented by AES Indiana, that celebrates all Bigs and Littles who are graduating from the BBBSCI program.

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April 21 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Big Futures Presented by AES Indiana

Presenting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana Graduating Class of 2024!

Thank you to our sponsors and donors who make Big Futures: Career & College Readiness programming possible for our high school and graduating matches.

Little Alison & Big Allyson

Matched since November 2017

Little A'Nijah & Big Gail

Matched since December 2015

Little Aniya & Big Katherine

Matched since April 2019

Little Aniyah & Big Caitlin

Matched since January 2020

Little Arlandria & Big Shari

Matched since December 2020

Little Brandon & Big Jacob

Matched since March 2023

Little Brenna & Big Caitlin

Matched since February 2022

Little Bryant & Big Antonio

Matched since May 2019

Little Caleb & Big Alex

Matched since January 2020

Little Chase & Big Mark

Matched since March 2018

Little Cinthia & Big Elizabeth

Matched since January 2018

Little Cordarius & Big Nate

Matched since June 2018

Little Darionna & Big Isabel

Matched since February 2020

Little Darrien & Big Hunter

Matched since September 2019

Little Desiree & Big Lindsey

Matched since April 2015

Little Devin & Big Chad

Matched since September 2018

Little Dominick & Big Tyler

Matched since November 2015

Little Dwayne & Big Steven

Matched since June 2016

Little Ellise & Big Patty

Matched since February 2018

Little Gio & Big Jesse

Matched since February 2020

Little Grayson & Big Jackson

Matched since May 2020

Little Hailey & Big Heather

Matched since September 2015

Little Haley & Big Diana

Matched since March 2021

Little Henry & Big Mark

Matched since January 2019

Little Jacob & Bigs Adam + Jessica

Matched since September 2016

Little Jada & Big Alexis

Matched since June 2018

Little Jahnavi & Big Stephanie

Matched since March 2019

Little Jai'Lah & Big Kelsey

Matched since December 2017

Little Jakyra & Big Annie

Matched since June 2017

Little Jalae' & Big McKenzie

Matched since July 2021

Little Jalen & Big Ryan

Matched since June 2022

Little Hunter & Big Jessi

Matched since May 2016

2024 Scholarship Recipients

To be announced in April!

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