Match: Little –Musandi Big – Jenny Benn

Match Date:  August 29, 2019

Little’s High School:  Southport High School

Little Sister Musandi and Big Sister Jenny Benn have been matched together for 4 years. Musandi will be graduating from Southport High School in May 2023. Come Fall Musandi is planning to attend college and play lacrosse.

During their time in the BBBSCI (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana) program Little Sister Musandi and Big Sister Jenny enjoyed going to Indy Fuel hockey games, going to the zoo, and swimming with the dolphins, bingo, and being match of the year! Musandi shared that Jenny taught her that it is okay to be yourself and smile. Also, she shared that she got most out of her Big is it is okay to be loud. Jenny shared that Musandi taught her to accept and be nonjudgmental of everyone. Also, she shared the most she got out of her relationship with Musandi is being able to watch her grow into a young woman.

Jenny said if she could share one thing with Musandi about her impact on her life she would say, "I have loved watching you gain your independence and find yourself, growing into a beautiful young woman! I cannot wait to see what you do in this world!" The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for both Musandi and Jenny after graduating from the program. We wish you both the best of luck!