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Little Jamira & Big Whitney: Match of the Year 2023

Big sister Whitney and Little Sister Jamira have been matched since November of 2012. Jamira was eight when the two met.


Throughout their time together, Whitney and Jamira have enjoyed baking, going out to eat, and going to concerts and sporting events around Indianapolis. Whitney describes Jamira as “strong, energetic and driven.” Jamira says that ever since the met, Whitney has been someone she looks up to and “such an amazing role model.” Whitney asked Jamira to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in 2018, which was a very special and emotional experience for the both of them.

This past April, the match was honored at the Celebrate Mentoring event at Newfields to celebrate their completion of the program and Jamira’s graduation from high school. Jamira will attend Indiana University next fall and she is spending the month of June studying abroad in Spain!