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Little Aerail & Big Maggie: Match of the Year 2023

Big Maggie and Little Aerail were matched in November 2015. Maggie describes that it took about two years to really build trust, but they have grown to have a very supportive and close relationship.


On their very first outing, the match went to the Central Library to read and play checkers. Learning how to ride a bike without training wheels was one of their first goals as a match and bike riding along the Canal has become one of their favorite activities to do together.

In August of 2022, Aerail was a bridesmaid in Maggie’s wedding. Maggie describes that on her wedding day “it truly meant the world to have all of my sisters next to me.” Maggie explains, “[Aerail] is family to me.” Aerail says Maggie is “a sister and a mentor… she’s always been there.” Maggie describes how fulfilling it’s been watching Aerail grow and getting to walk next to her. Its been a privilege to be her sister, she says.