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Little Trey & Big David: Match of the Year 2023

Big David and Little Trey were matched in 2015 when Trey was in the second grade.


Growing up with sisters, Trey was excited to have a big brother! Though they both were a little nervous, for their first activity together, the match went bowling. David said that they had an “awesome” time, and he knew then it would be a great match.

They spend a lot of time outside together and find that they can have really good conversations when out in nature. They have enjoyed taking Trey’s family dog, Sugar, on several outings to various parks and the 100 Acres at the IMA. Both Trey and David describe feeling comfortable and trusting around each other. Trey says he appreciates David’s kindness and honesty. David describes Trey as thoughtful and forward-thinking, which he says are “very impressive attributes to have as a kid.”

“He’s just a really cool guy to hang out with,” David says of their friendship. David adds that being a mentor isn’t about always coming prepared with some sort of life lesson. “Your presence and your ears are really all you need [to be a mentor].”