Homeschool and Online School Graduates 2022

Congratulations to the following Grads!

Read below to learn more about each of these incredible matches!

School Name

Match: Little Brother Cooper and Big Brother Joe Esposito 

Match Date: November 11, 2016

High School: Home School 

Little Brother Cooper and Big Brother Joe Esposito have been matched together for 5 years. Cooper will be graduating from his Home School in the Spring. Cooper is still considering his plans after graduation. 

This matched has enjoyed the past 5 years being matched together. They have a fun time with one another doing fun activities and spending time with one another building a relationship. Cooper and Joe have bonded over the years and have enjoyed playing video games together whether together or online when a part. Cooper has enjoyed playing Joe's guitar and they both enjoy meals together. 

The BBBSCI family and Joe will be rooting for Cooper in his next chapter of life after graduation. 

Good luck, Cooper!