BBBSCI partners with you in helping your child reach his or her full potential. Research shows that children need three or more adults (outside of their parents) to help them build character and make good choices. A Big can be one of those adults - another caring person in your child's life who offers nurturing friendship and support. For resources on getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19, please click here.

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As of today, we have 1400+ youth who have reached out to us wanting a mentor. Over 1000 of those youth identify as male. Historically, we know many youth will wait years for service, some never receiving service.

Recently, we have worked hard to devise our three-year strategic plan; a plan that informs how we will provide service to the young people in our community.

We are excited to share we have identified three strategic priorities, with specific strategies for each:

  1. Accelerate the reach and impact of one-to-one mentoring relationships,

  2. Provide quality support options for all referred youth,

  3. Convene community partners to address systemic issues and ignite the promise of youth

As the parent/guardian of a young person who is waiting, we would like to share a couple of the strategies we have put in place to address the identified priorities. Although we are aware that change takes time, we are committed to the evolution of our programming to ensure more youth receive the support they want and deserve. Over the next three years (now through ’24-’25), we commit to:

  • Prioritizing service to youth who have waited the longest;
  • Collaborating with other organizations to deliver quality support options to empower more youth and families;
  • Increase the number and diversity of active volunteers by elevating our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) commitment and impact;
  • Leverage our position of influence to engage in inclusive advocacy efforts that support the wellbeing of young people; and
  • Increase and retain the diversity of the board and staff to reflect the communities we serve.

We are excited to start doing this important work to find solutions to ignite the power and promise of youth in our community. Over the next several months we will be devising a more detailed plan to either provide or link your child with services. We acknowledge by inquiring about our services, you have put your trust in the programming we have to offer, yet also realize we must work closely with other youth serving agencies to ensure our youth get the support and opportunities they deserve. Please stay tuned for further updates and additional opportunities!

Together we are better!

Below you will note a variety of youth programming options available within our community. We will continue to update as additional opportunities arise.

A: Bloom Project

The Bloom Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides college exploration, career exploration, character development, service learning and group mentoring for young males, ages 12-18.

Our Programs:

Project King- career focused program that helps young men improve their social skills and relationships though service projects, college tours, community forums, and monthly discussions

Royal MENtality-is a college and career preparatory program that offers scholarship and job shadowing, college fairs and tours, and networking opportunities. Participants must be at least a sophomore in high school and/or 16 years old.

Kings Feast Symposium- a prestigious event catered to the next generation of leaders. Participants attend seminars and networking a luncheon with professional men in the community.

B: AthLead Indy

Our mission is to enact community change through the youth of Indianapolis. Athlead Indy is designed for children to excel in track and field as leaders in their communities. Athlead Indy believes Indianapolis’ future leaders deserve an opportunity to live in a community that supports them. We are volunteers, parents, and coaches that want to see our kids make a difference.

Athlead Indy is a member of Club of USA Track & Field, AAU, and the Indiana Youth Track Association open to youth ages 5-18.

C: Boys II Men

Boys II Men, Inc. seeks to cultivate the development of adolescent boys in a safe and exciting team environment by promoting civic engagement, personal responsibility, positive relationships, respect for women, and a lifelong appreciation for learning. There are two opportunities to enroll/register: July-August and January

D: Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) Youth Council

Our Program: The ICADV Youth Council is a group of Indiana teens who are working to prevent violence through the change of culture. Usually when we try to prevent violence, we are focused on telling individuals how to stay safe. Instead, this council will explore and work on making our communities safer. The council centers connection, collaboration, skill building, and influencing the decisions that most affect young people.

E: Ladies Under Construction

Ladies Under Construction Inc. is a mentoring and leadership program for girls ages 8-18. We focus on building confidence, increasing their social skills & enhancing their leadership skills. Contact us at 317.721.4LUC or

F: E Pro-Plus (formally known as Team Focus)

Our Program: E-PRO Plus is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping boys ages 10-18 who do not have an active father-figure in their life.

G: Voices

Through culturally sustaining education, healing-centered engagement, and workforce development, VOICES provides the relationships, resources, and opportunities for youth to heal, grow, and further their path towards economic self-sufficiency and civically engaged lives.

I: Starfish Initiative

Starfish Initiative was established in 2003 with a vision to make a difference in the lives of marginalized youth – one student at a time. Today, Starfish Initiative continues to advance our mission: "to inspire, encourage, and prepare academically-promising, high school students facing unearned adversity for college and career success," through our comprehensive Starfish Experience, a statistically proven four-year pathway to economic mobility for Indianapolis high school students.

We believe: Mentoring is the key to improving the educational attainment and future of today’s youth.

How we support our Scholars: Using our unique one-on-one mentoring model, Starfish Initiative matches every student in our program with a college-educated, volunteer adult mentor. Supported by Starfish Match Specialists, the adult mentors help their scholars effectively prepare for personal and academic success.

The Outcome: 100% of Starfish Scholars who complete the 4-year program graduate from high school and 98% go on to enroll in colleges or universities across Indiana — and beyond.

K: IMPD Mentoring Program

The mission of Indy PAL is to provide youth in Indianapolis with the opportunity to participate in educational, cultural, athletics, mentoring and other activities that will reduce crime, provide vital life skills, increase self-esteem and promote a positive relationship with police.

L: Girl Scouts of Indiana

We’re always up for new experiences—spotting owls on a night hike, learning to cook with solar power, writing poetry, or even starting a business.

Sound like you? We want you in our crew. At Girl Scouts, you’ll find a place to try new things, discover new talents, and most importantly, be fully, totally yourself. Join the squad and get ready to make awesome memories with forever friends.

From camp to cooking to being creative or clever, there’s something great for every girl and family! Not a Girl Scout? Not a problem!

M: Exploradoor Inc.

Exploradoor Inc. is an Indiana non-profit dedicated to equitable access of teens, especially those from marginalized communities to career/job/skill development experiences that help them prepare for life.

Visit to find opportunities and programs.

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