There’s Still Time Left to End the Wait!

LB Dwayne SullivanLast month on the blog, we introduced you to some of the great kids living in the 46235 zip code waiting for a Big. More children are on the wait list for a Big in 46235 than in any other zip code in Central Indiana, and BBBSCI launched a special campaign during the months of May and June to End the Wait for these kids and raise the funds necessary to match them with the mentors they deserve.

You may remember Dwayne, the 10 year old who enjoys running and also has a second degree black belt. One of his favorite activities is to try out different science experiments in his own bathroom – one day he wants to create a Band-Aid that can vaccinate youth! Dwayne wants to become a pediatrician when he gets older because he wants to help kids.

Well, we’re happy to report that Dwayne is now off the waitlist and has his very own Big Brother, Steven Beall! The pair is very excited to hang out and do activities together that Steven’s wife and daughter may not enjoy as much as Dwayne would. Mike Lapota, who serves as Steven and Dwayne’s Match Support Specialist, said their first meeting was a success.

“Even though BBBSCI matches Bigs and Littles with similar interests, it was immediately evident during theBB Steven Beall LB Dwayne 2 Match Introduction that Dwayne and Steven had more in common than could have ever been expected. There was a period of time where (I) barely participated in conversation while the two discussed their “toys,” specifically high-speed RC cars and advanced drones,” Mike said. For their first outing, the two went to Lawrence Park to drive some of their toy cars.

”I think the best part of having a Big Brother will be to have someone to play with,” Dwayne said. He’s looking forward to having a male adult role model around to talk to and learn from.

With the end of June quickly approaching, we’re raising the funds necessary to match the other children like Dwayne in 46235 waiting for a Big, mentor, a friend of their own. It costs just $2,000 to fund a new match for an entire year and $167 to support a new match for their first month. To donate today and help give other children the Big they deserve, visit Any gift, big or small, will make a difference and help change a child’s life for the better, forever.



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