CEO Reflects on BBBSCI’s 15 Year History: Part I



Darcey Palmer-Shultz, BBBSCI Chief Executive Officer
Darcey Palmer-Shultz, BBBSCI Chief Executive Officer

Over the past 15 years, BBBSCI is proud to have provided 9,609 mentoring relationships to girls and boys in our community! To celebrate our past and look ahead to the future, we’ve asked some of the many people who’ve been a part of BBBSCI to reflect on their journey. Throughout January and February, we’re publishing blog posts written by staff, Board members, donors, and long-time supporters as they share in their own words why they’re proud to be a part of BBBSCI’s history.

Guest blogger: Darcey Palmer-Shultz
Staff member since: January 2006


As the daughter of a history teacher, I’ve always carried with me an appreciation for the past – the people and effort that led us to this point, the values and priorities that carry us forward, and the lessons that shape us along the way.  Some of my favorite stories about this agency’s history are those about the merger of Big Brothers of Greater Indianapolis and Big Sisters of Central Indiana that bring us to the milestone we’re celebrating this month.

As Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana celebrates its 15th anniversary, I jotted down 15 reasons I’m proud and grateful to be a part of this organization’s history of service to our community:


  1. We have reached 9,609 girls and boys over the last 15 years.  When you factor in Bigs and parents/guardians, that’s 28,827 lives touched in our community.
  2. We believe that inherent in every child is the potential to succeed and thrive in life.  And, we get to care about kids as individuals with personal interests, goals, strengths, and challenges.
  3. Now one of the best in the country, we moved match retention from 59.91% to 82.35% which matters because, in mentoring, strong & enduring relationships = positive outcomes.
  4. Our. Bigs. Are. Amazing.  As Bill Milliken (author and founder of Communities in Schools) said, “Programs don’t change people – relationships do.”  Our Bigs make our mission possible.
  5. We believe that parents are valued partners and consider it an honor to be part of their children’s lives.  As a parent, it’s no small thing to ask for help with your own child.  We see it as a sign of great love that parents reach out to us to connect their kids to this opportunity.


Click here for numbers 6 – 10 from Darcey’s list!

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