Get to Know: Dan Cope

Dan and his Little Brother Terry Lee volunteer at the annual Crew for Kids fundraiser

Introducing Dan Cope! Dan is a two-time Big Brother, a member of the Bigs Task Force and the 2016 Indiana Big Brother of the Year. When he’s not spending time with his Little brother, Dan enjoys spending time with friends and family. Dan took some time to share his experience and words of wisdom for current and potential Bigs.

Question: Why did you get involved with BBBSCI? Why did you sign up as a Big Brother?

“When I was in high school, I did peer mentoring my junior and senior year. I always wanted to get back into mentoring, and when I graduated college, I had time to finally mentor.”

Question: Why is mentoring important? How have the mentors in your life professionally and personally helped you get to where you are today?

“Feels good to give back. Feels great to help the Little and help make a difference in his life, maybe by seeing another way of living and things that are possible. I try to give my Little more self-esteem and a better attitude, and help him do better in school as well.”

Question: Why is the BBBS mission important to you?

“You can make a difference in one kid’s life and that will make a huge difference overall – it’s a chain effect for me. If you make a change in your Little’s life, it can help change his family dynamic and help change his future. And hopefully, change his family and kids down the road. It’s just one life, but it could affect a lot more people.”

Dan and his Little Brother at the Indianapolis Indians game.

Question: What advice would you offer to new Bigs and people who are thinking about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister?

“Being a Big sounds like a lot more of a time commitment than it is. You get a lot more out of it than you put into it. The support Bigs get from the agency through different events and other partnering organizations – it makes it a lot easier to do things with your Little.”

Question: Favorite memory, anecdote – anything that stands out as a highlight of your involvement with BBBSCI?

“I’ve seen changes with my Little over time – he gets more confident. His school work has improved as well. These things don’t happen overnight but in the long run it makes a big difference.”

Question: Anything else you’d like to add?

“The one thing that’s changed for me over the years is the match activities – all the support from different organizations in town – over the years, those match events have improved a lot. They really help matches plan and help the Littles do things.”

Dan poses with members of the Bigs Task Force holding his Big Brother of the Year plaque.

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