Alumna Big Sister Lori Bowls BIG For Kids!

RayeVan (left) and Lori (right) at RayeVan's high school graduation

Big Sister Lori Lockhart was matched with Little Sister RayeVan in 2011. The two were matched for 6 years until 2017, when RayeVan graduated from high school! Though Lori is no longer officially matched with RayeVan, she is an active member of the Big Impact Group (B.I.G.), a committee of current and alumni Bigs who actively fund-raise and recruit for the BBBSCI mission!

RayeVan (left) and Lori (right) at their match introduction in 2011.

Lori is also one of the many Bigs participating in the 2019 Bowl For Kids’ Sake event on April 23. She stopped by the blog today to share the fundraising letter she sends to friends and family to raise funds and awareness of BBBSCI by supporting her bowling team!

“I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters in 2011.  RayeVan was in 7th grade and was way too cool for school! Despite both of us being a little leery about the other, we hit it off pretty well at our first meet-up. We went to the waterpark in Carmel. She loved the pool!

We started talking about shopping and boys – and before long, we realized we had a lot in common!  Despite her sassy attitude and telling me that first day that her name was spelled with a capital V and if I forgot she would take great offense, we managed to make not only a friendship but a true sisterhood out of our relationship!

RayeVan was a delight. We did so many fun activities together. A lot of shopping, superhero movies, sushi dates, cooking classes, painting classes, and our favorite – the dolphin experience at the Indianapolis Zoo!  Six years absolutely flew by. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she grew from a junior high kid to a young lady! She helped keep me young and up on the current music and lingo and I helped to channel all of that teenager energy into a positive with her school work. 

In 2016 RayeVan graduated from Herron High School! I was so proud of her. She was one of the smartest girls I had ever met and I knew she was going to do great things! She is currently rounding out her sophomore year in the Kelly School of business! While I may have encouraged her to pursue her education and utilize her amazing brain, RayeVan did so much more for me. She has become a lifelong sister and proves to me daily that perseverance and hard work can push past any adversities that life may have handed her.

While my time as a Big came to an end when RayeVan graduated, I knew my time wasn’t done with this organization. RayeVan and I’s experience meant too much to me to not help others to get the same opportunity. Bowl for Kids Sake is an awesome event to raise money so that more kids (and big kids like me!) get to be matched. I love attending this event every year and simply by posting on social media, I am able to raise a lot of money for my team. My friends and family know what a wonderful organization this is from my years as a Big and know what this can mean for so many other kids waiting to be matched across Central Indiana!”    

Left to right: BBBSCI staff member Whitney Smith, Lori, Little Sister Ruby, and Little Sister Georgia at the 2018 Bowl for Kids’ Sake!

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