Unlock Potential

Potential is a powerful thing. But without proper nourishment it remains just that - untapped and unrealized. We provide quality mentoring relationships, and we work to ensure that our program is the best fit for you and your child through our eligibility and enrollment process. Click here to learn more about how BBBS partners with parents.

A study for Big Brothers Big Sisters found that kids matched with a Big:

  • are more confident
  • are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  • do better in school
  • get along better with their family and friends
  • feel better about themselves

Minimum Child Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be enrolled between the ages of 8 - 14
  • Must live in Marion, Hamilton or Johnson County
  • Youth and caregiver must be willing to make a one-year commitment

For a complete list of eligibility requirements, please click here. For more information regarding our eligibility criteria please contact Allyson Cooper at acooper@bbbsci.org or 317-472-3739.

If the child you wish to enroll* meets all of the above eligibility criteria then please proceed and enroll them now

*Note: Unless you are the parent/guardian of the child you are enrolling, BBBSCI will not be able to communicate status of an application unless a signed Release of Information from the parent/guardian is obtained.