Big Sister Lights One Match

“If you want to start a fire, you don’t have to light a whole box of matches. You only have to light one.” Coach Tony Dungy, The Main Event 2016 Keynote Speaker


Big Sister Erin Lucas joins us on the blog today to share her favorite memories since being match with her Little Alissa. And in her own words, Erin shares with you why she is supporting BBBSCI on Giving Tuesday this year.  Erin is the third Big in a series of upcoming blog posts we have for you about why Bigs support BBBSCI – be on the look out for more guest blogs in the days leading up to November 29. 

Big Sister: Erin Lucas
Little Sister: Alissa
Match Date: March 2016

bike-1 “After moving to Indianapolis last summer, I only knew a handful of people in this new city. Knowing that I wanted to get involved and join an organization where I could meet new people, volunteer in my community, and explore my new home, joining BBBSCI was an easy choice for me. I applied, interviewed, and then waited for a match. When I got the news that I matched with a sweet 11 year old who loves dogs and country music, I was giddy with excitement and thought this was going to be a perfect match.”

‘A little nervous’ was how my Little, Alissa, described her feelings when we first met back in March 2016. We sat in her kitchen with her mom, brother, and Match Support Specialist, Mike. We were all a little nervous and shy to talk about our feelings and what we each wanted to get out of this match. After leaving that meeting, I was confident that Alissa and I would become friends quickly and this would be a very enjoyable experience. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of exploring a new city with new friends?

Fast forward eight months and now we’re belting out country songs in my car talking about how her classes are going with all her new donutsfriends at her new middle school. The shyness has been replaced with excitement of our next adventure. Together, we love to ride bikes around the canal, walk around downtown Indy, and eat our weight in frozen yogurt and pizza the size of our face!

Outings are something we each look forward to. BBBSCI has created partnerships with tons of local organizations that allow for free or low-cost activities. One of our favorite things to do is rent bikes (for free!) and ride around the canal and feed the ducks. An avid dog lover, Alissa likes to stop and pet every dog along the way and often rides away with wet dog kisses and a huge smile on her face.

I try to do activities with her that she might not normally get the opportunity to do with her friends or family. We’ve decorated the Indiana Fever’s locker room, walked around downtown Indy drinking frappuccinos (extra whip – duh!), navigated our way through a corn maze and pumpkin patch drinking apple cider slushies, and spent an afternoon at the zoo exploring all the animal kingdoms.

Going to SkyZone, making the basketball team, and owning a pet store called ‘A Dog Lover’s Dream’ are some dreams of hers. Keeping her focused and interested in those dreams are important so we spent time talking about them and encouraging them – like shooting hoops and visiting pet stores. She’s an ambitious little girl who knows that the sky is the limit. I have no doubt that this match will have a positive impact on her life and I can only hope that she gets as much out of our match as I already have in these eight short months. 

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