Just Keep Swimming!

On today’s blog, hear from Big Sister Sarah Batta. Sarah and her Little Sister Megan recently swam with the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo. She stopped by the blog to tell us all about the exciting experience!

On behalf of both Megan and myself, I’d like to communicate our sincerest of thanks for the amazing experience offered to us through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana at the Indianapolis Zoo.

From the moment we knew we had received the opportunity, the anticipation of swimming with dolphins was enough to make both Megan’s and my week sky high. Megan’s mom joined us as an observer, so she was able to be part of the excitement as well – documenting our experience for us to share with our families and friends. In allowing us to have an observer, the zoo provided us an opportunity to have lunch before hand and get to know each other better; this was hugely beneficial for us as our match is a new one and we are still in the phase of getting comfortable with each other.

Once our fabulous Zoo Educator, Jorie, took us back to the Dolphin Pavilion, we felt like VIP. Words cannot describe just how moved both Megan and I were throughout the entire experience. Both of us were of-the-charts excited, but also holding some anxieties – Megan for the unknown of the experience and myself for my general discomfort in water. We left the experience beaming with pride, both for facing our fears, but having a fantastic time learning about dolphins, their conservation, and zoos-behind-the scenes.

Megan and I would like to send our utmost gratitude to the donors of these tickets as they held meaning to us that is not easily put into words. Thank you – from the deepest parts of our hearts!


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