Welcome, Kia + Nimaoni!

Big Sister Kia and Little Sister Nimaoni were one of our first matches of 2020 – they met for the first time on January 14!

Kia wanted to be mentor with BBBS because she has a passion working with youth. Nimaoni’s favorite subject in school is math and she was excited to get a Big as she wanted someone to look up to.

During their match introduction, they learned they share a love of dance! Nimaoni is currently taking dance lessons and Kia was in dance when she was younger. They were very excited to discover this common interest!

Some of their match goals for their first year together include trying 3 new types of food and becoming fluent in Spanish. Welcome, Kia and Nimaoni!

This match was lit with the support of The James E. Huffer and Betty J. Huffer Foundation Trust.

Kia and Nimaoni are 1 of 50 matches made possible thanks to BBBSCI’s Light One Match Giving Society, a new leadership society made possible through the generosity of Al and Shary Oak. To learn more about how you can make 1 match possible or to get involved, click here or contact Caitlin Bain, Director of Development, at cbain@bbbsci.org.

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