Get to Know: Casey Campbell-Thompson!

Name: Casey Campbell-Thompson
Title: Senior Director, Enrollment & Matching and Customer Relations
Start Date: February 2007

I am an alumni Big Sister – here I am with my Little!

My favorite memory from working at BBBSCI is … Attending my first Match Graduation (these are all the matches that make it to when the Little is 18 or graduates from high school). I remember it was at the downtown Marriott, and a very intimate and personal setting. Each match went around and shared a little about their match relationship. It was incredibly moving, and the moment I realized “my job” was so much greater than “just a job.” Over the years, these have become even more meaningful as I get to watch youth and volunteers I enrolled and matched several years earlier, develop such a strong bond and relationship that will now last a lifetime. It’s amazing seeing our Little’s graduate from high school, have plans for a trade, go to college, have been in their Big’s weddings, work for their Big’s, and/or are “unofficial Bigs” to their Big’s children. On the flip side, also seeing and hearing the impact of the program/relationship on the Big’s life is something that is so pure and organic.

What I love most about my job is … I love the people—internally and externally! I am surrounded by some of the sharpest, hardworking, genuine, mission driven, community minded, individuals. They push me daily to learn more, work harder, and find solutions to serve more youth. We have the privilege to learn about our community members (youth, parents/guardians, volunteers), match them within our program, and watch their relationships enhance each other’s lives—often times in ways no one could predict. #allthefeels

How has mentoring played a role in your life? When I started at BBBSCI, “mentoring” wasn’t as big of a buzz-word as it is today. Growing up, and even today, I have had several unofficial mentors that I’m not sure I would have drawn a correlation to the impact they’ve had on me had I not worked at BBBSCI. People need people, and people thrive when they have support from others. Working in a space that is solely dedicated to relationships has really shifted the way I look at my interactions with others, and how powerful those relationships can be. It’s been a really cool thing as I’ve noticed this mindset bleed out to my kids, family, and friends.

When I’m not at work, you can find me … In my mind-on the beach, with an adult beverage, walking to one of those dreamy huts that go out onto the water. In reality – Life guarding the bathtub (sometimes with a whistle), cleaning unknown substances off things, running to and from activities in our mini-van “Sharon”, family wrestling matches or kickball games, bike rides around the neighborhood, having snuggle fests with stinky little people, and/or stealing 2.731 minutes of alone time with the husband—or hiding in the bathroom.

What is your favorite spot(s) in Indy? Parks, parks, and more parks—all the parks! We are frequent fliers of Tarkington Park, Broad Ripple Park, the Riviera Club, Canterbury Park—and the Monon (full disclosure – sometimes we fail to follow the “Monon” rules and get a bell, or seven, rung at us). When it’s nice out, you’ll find us biking down to Liter House, Fat Dans, or Good Morning Mama’s for some grub. We love all things outdoors-restaurants, activities, pools/lakes (plethora of Nap-town lakes), hiking, biking, sporting events, etc.

Contact Casey at or 317-472-3727.

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