Get to Know: Cassidy Shah!

Name: Cassidy Shah, MBA
Title: Annual Giving Manager
Start Date: September 2018

I am a current Big – but we graduate from BBBSCI in 2020!

My favorite memory from working at BBBSCI is … the first week I started! It was the same week as our annual fundraiser, The Main Event! Even though I was new, I had SO MUCH FUN diving right into things and getting to know my coworkers. That’s when I found out just how FUN it is working at BBBSCI!

What I love most about my job is … I’m always meeting new people, building relationships, and getting to know people!

How has mentoring played a role in your life? Growing up, I always had different mentors in my life, whether that be coaches, neighbors, family, bosses or teachers. I grew up next to a photography studio, where I helped at since I was 7 years old and all the way through high school. That had a huge impact on my life because the owners took me under their wing and mentored me not only in photography, but also how to have fun in life and to work hard.

When I’m not at work, you can find me … playing with my adorable child, spending time with my family, traveling, planning for the next Taylor Swift concert, or going for a walk/run.

What is your favorite spot(s) in Indy? My favorite restaurant in Indy is Bru Burger on Mass Ave. My favorite place for donuts is Jack’s Donuts. Fun fact: they started in my hometown of New Castle, IN! My favorite places to go on walks/runs are the canal and my neighborhood, Meridian-Kessler.

Contact Cassidy at or 317-472-3736.

Cassidy and her Little, Trinity at a BBBSCI Match Activity in 2020.

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