BBBSCI Class of 2020: Amauriel and Kathleen

Match: Little Sister Amauriel and Big Sister Kathleen Moffat

Match Date: January 27, 2011

High School: Job Corps

Little Sister Amauriel and Big Sister Kathleen Moffat have been matched together for 9 years. Amauriel, a 21st Century Scholar through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, is currently still considering her plans for the future. Amauriel and Kathleen are going to miss being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Even though Little Sister Amauriel and Big Sister Kathleen have been matched for a decade, they still find time to see each like they were newly matched. Mentoring Relationship Specialist, Leah Edge, shares that Little Sister Amauriel is a pleasure to talk to and always makes her laugh. For example, when asked what Amauriel was most hopeful about for the future, it included graduation, but also that her Big Sister has finally found love. Leah also shared that Big Sister Kathleen always speaks so  highly of her Little Sister and gushes about how mature and independent she has grown to be. This is one match who has been there for each other through life’s transitions.

On Amauriel’s recent birthday, she shared this text with her Big Sister, “THANKS TO THE BEST BIG SISTER EVER ?. You has definitely played a big part into helping me growing to be the young independent, respectful lady that I am! You taught me a lot about emotions, money management, and how to keep fighting for what I want. Each moment we do spend together I always forget that I’m in a program I feel genuinely loved by a real big sister. Thanks so much.”

Good luck with everything, Amauriel!

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