BBBSCI Class of 2020: Karl and Neil

Match: Little Brother Karl and Big Brother Neil Trout

Match Date: February 11, 2012

High School: Job Corps

Little Brother Karl and Big Brother Neil Trout have been matched together for 8 years. Karl is currently still considering his plans for the future. Karl and Neil are going to miss being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Leah Edge, Mentoring Relationship Specialist, shared that Little Brother Karl and Big Brother Neil really like to do unique and humorous outings together. She recently learned that one of their outings consisted of walking around Washington Square Mall and window-shopping at the suit store! Through their time together, they have also enjoyed visiting comic book stores and just driving around and chatting with each other. Little Brother Karl had joined the Job Corps program and they both have been able to keep in touch despite the hectic schedule that Job Corps entails.  Leah shared, “Whenever Little Brother Karl  talks about Big Brother Neil, he always says that Neil is the biggest supporter that he has ever had in  his life.” We are always so thankful for Bigs that go above and beyond to make sure they stay in touch with their Little through life changes. 

Good luck with everything, Karl!

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