BBBSCI Class of 2020: Kennedy, Bryan, and Gwen

Match: Little Brother Kennedy and Big Couple Bryan and Gwen Langley

Match Date: August 31, 2011

High School: Indianapolis Light House College Prep

Little Brother Kennedy and Big Couple Bryan and Gwen Langley have been matched together for 9 years. Kennedy aspires to play basketball in college and has been looking into schools where this could be a realistic option for him.

When asked to reflect on their time in our program, Big Couple Bryan and Gwen Langley shared that they have loved watching their Little Brother Kennedy spend time with their sons over the years and watch him do well in school. They shared that he was immediately a part of their family and they wouldn’t have it any other way! When asked what one thing they want to say to Kennedy is, they said, “Love You!”. Little Brother Kennedy shared that his favorite things to do with Bryan and Gwen over the years were going to Pacer games, swimming, eating dinner together, and spending time at their house. Kennedy reiterated how Gwen and Bryan have become family and have been very hands-on in helping him do better in school. One thing Kennedy wanted to say to his Bigs Gwen and Bryan was, “Thank you for always being a helpful resource to my mom and me, and for always pushing me to do better when things got rough.” Good luck and congratulations, Kennedy!

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