BBBSCI Class of 2020: Mikayla, Amelia, and Emily

Match: Little Sister Mikayla and Big Sisters Amelia Stephens and Emily Rosenquist

Match Date: January 16, 2019

High School: Indiana School for the Blind

Little Sister Mikayla and Big Sisters Amelia Stephens and Emily Rosenquist have been matched together for a year. Mikayla, a 21st Century Scholar through the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, is deciding between attending Ball State and other schools she applied to where she plans to study Art Therapy. She is also considering double majoring in Psychology and Art. Good luck, Mikayla!

Recently, Big Sisters Amelia and Emily shared what impresses them the most about Little Sister Mikayla. They said, “She has an incredible emotional intelligence and self-awareness about herself that we find rare in people no matter their age. Mikayla easily adapts and works with different kinds of people by meeting them where they are. She is not afraid to ask people for their preferences in communicating, and then using those to further their friendships and goals. Mikayla is kind and empathetic and she has a knack for seeing others’ points of view and treating them with respect. There’s a reason her teachers always want her in their different extracurricular activities. She is an excellent team player and betters every team that she is on.” Little Sister Mikayla had this to share about her Big Sisters Amelia and Emily, “They have impacted my life greatly and taught me so many things. Amelia and Emily took me to Ball State, where I am going to be going in the fall, for a tour. They both have made me a better person overall. I will use my experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters by having a career in the therapist field to potentially help others similarly to how Amelia and Emily have helped me.”

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