BBBSCI Class of 2021: Donald and Drew

Match: Little Brother Donald and Big Brother Drew White 
Match Date: May 24th, 2017
High School: Lighthouse Charter Academy 

Little Brother Donald and Big Brother Drew White have been matched together for 4 years. Donald is working towards graduating high school and is still considering his plans for the future! They are going to miss being a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program together.

During this past year, Donald and Drew have made the best of their situation under these unique circumstances and remained flexible in order to continue seeing each other. Donald shared that throughout this past year they got together to play laser tag and went to Dave & Buster’s (one of Donald’s favorite places to go!). While COVID-19 did affect their normal routines, both parties made a strong effort to safely get together and see each other. One of their favorite memories together is from when they went to a haunted forest in Anderson. Big Brother Drew shared that Donald was on “cloud nine” the entire night and led their entire group through the forest. Drew said he had never seen that side of Donald and was so excited and glad to get to see this confidence shine through in Donald. 

When reflecting back on how much Little Brother Donald has grown in their time together, Big Brother Drew shared, “For sure, Donald has grown from this shy little boy into someone who will now open up and talk about his daily struggles, challenges, and successes.” 

Drew and Donald are going to miss their time in our program and Drew leaves Donald with these words, “Donald has a great heart. He’s truly a great person who I hope never strays from who he truly is inside. I just hope he always stays true to who he is as a person.” 

We are so glad that we got to be alongside both of them as they were in our program and wish Donald nothing but the best in the future. Good luck, Donald!

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