BBBSCI Class of 2021: Imani and Celia

Match: Little Sister Imani and Big Sister Celia Kauth
Match Date: February 6th, 2019
High School: Franklin Central High School 

Little Sister Imani and Big Sister Celia have been matched together for 2.5 years. Imani graduated from Franklin Central High School this Spring and is planning on attending college in the Fall. Throughout her senior year, Imani was accepted into multiple schools and finally decided to attend Indiana University Southeast to study Dental Hygiene. Through an opportunity at her high school, Imani has been taking a dual-credit dental program at her school which will also give her a leg up as she continues her education next year. In addition to her school work, Imani has worked at Chick-Fil-A over the past year. 

Little Sister Imani and Big Sister Celia have really enjoyed their time being matched together in our program. They have always made time to see each other on a consistent basis and Celia has always been impressed by how well balances her time between school, work, friends, and still making time to see her Big Sister. 

During this past year, one thing the match enjoyed was Celia inviting Imani over to her new home in downtown Indy to show her around and walk through the new neighborhood. Imani said it was really neat to see her Big Sister’s new home and get to share that with her. Celia and Imani also made it a point this year to consistently stay in touch through texting and calling each other as well as each of their schedules got busier with work, school, and other responsibilities. 

When asked to share what her favorite activities have been with her Big Sister, Imani said that her number one favorite activity was getting to swim with the dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo, her second favorite activity was going to the pumpkin patch together, and her third favorite was was the many times that she and Celia would go for walks and talk about anything and everything. Imani also shared that the one thing her Big Sister has really helped her with is developing better social skills through the many hours of hanging out and chatting that they have done together. 

Though these two are graduating our program, they plan to remain consistent in each other’s lives and Big Sister Celia already can’t wait to go visit Imani at her new school next year. 

Good luck with your endeavors, Imani!

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