BBBSCI Class of 2021: Ja’Nay and Jennifer

Match: Little Sister Ja’Nay and Big Sister Jennifer Butts
Match Date: March 6th, 2017

Little Sister Ja’Nay and Big Sister Jennifer Butts have been matched together for 4 years. Ja’Nay moved down to Florida the summer before her senior year to live with her father and will be graduating from high school this Spring. Ja’Nay plans to remain in Florida over the next 4 years while she attends college to study Elementary Education. 

Despite the physical distance between Ja’Nay and her Big Sister this past year, the two of them have made great efforts to see each other and stay in touch. Ja’Nay has returned home to Indiana every other month to visit family and makes plans to see Jennifer each time she comes home. When these two get together, they do all sorts of fun things such as baking cookies, going out to eat, exchanging holiday gifts, and simply enjoying each other’s company. Big Sister Jennifer shared that she has definitely missed having Ja’Nay live in the same city as her, but that she and Ja’Nay are a “match for life” and is still blown away at how great our agency did at matching them together! When these two aren’t able to be together in person, they keep up through texting and calling each other multiple times a week. 

One special memory that stands out for Ja’Nay and Jennifer is when they attended the Taylor Swift concert together. Jennifer shares that Ja’Nay knew every word to every song and sang along as if she were in the concert herself! Jennifer loved getting to experience the concert through her Little Sister and sharing in that joy together was heartwarming for the both of them. 

When asked what message Jennifer would like to leave Ja’Nay with she said, “Dream BIG! Make those dreams come true! Set goals for yourself and write them down. Life can be tough, but so are you. And always remember, you’ve got a friend in me!” 

Ja’Nay and Jennifer truly love each other and have become family over the past 4 years. It has been such a joy to have this match in our program and we can’t wait to watch their relationship continue to develop beyond the walls of our program. 

Good luck with this next chapter in your life, Ja’Nay!

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