Match: Little – Ashton Big – Michael Wesson  

Match Date:  June 27, 2014

Little’s High School: Options Charter School Noblesville

Little Brother Ashton and Big Brother Michael have been matched together for 9 years. Ashton will be graduating from Options Charter School Noblesville in May 2023. Ashton plans to in the future to attend a trade school to become a mechanic.

During their time together in the BBBSCI (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana) program Little Brother Ashton and Big Brother Michael enjoyed bowling against each other, attending Pacers games, and BBBSCI sponsored events such as Holiday World and the airplane activity. Ashton has looked forward to them spending time together and continuing their relationship outside of the program. Michael looks forward to seeing what Ashton will do with his future and feels as though it has been rewarding to watch him grow.

Michael said if share one thing with Ashton about his impact on his life he would say, "just you’ve allowed me to be a part of your life and your world and that has been so cool to watch, and I appreciate you letting me be in your life." The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for both Ashton and Michael after graduating from the program. We wish you both the best of luck!