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July 16 , 2024

OPEN TO PUBLIC: Knight Lines: Etheridge Knight Event

Join the Indianapolis Public Library for a poetry exploration!

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July 16 @ 11:00 am 3:00 pm


Join the Indianapolis Public Library as they explore the poet Etheridge Knight. This will be in three parts: the first will tie his work to exemplify how we percieve ourselves, the second how we can perceive the world around us, and lastly how we see ourselves in that world. There will be 3 session options to choose from. You can attend all three if you would like.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

About The Workshops:

Workshop #1 Discovering Me: An inward facing reflection on the relevance of Etheridge Knight’s writing with our own. The writers will use images of how they self identify to make a poem of themselves.  

Workshop #2 Through Other Eyes: We can build on the poetry created in the first workshop, or start fresh. This time we will reflect on how who we are; shapes how we perceive the world around us. To do so, we will write from a perspective other than our own. It can be another person, or even an object we interact with. What parts of ourselves do we think others see, or don’t. 

Workshop #3 I Was, I Am, I Will Be: We will end with a cumulation of sorts. After diving into how we see ourselves, and how we believe we are seen in the world around us, we will finish with where we want our place to be in the world. 

We will write as the person we want to be, and the hope we will be seen for who we are.