Match: Little – Khiase Big – Madison Prillwitz

Match Date:  August 30, 2019

Little’s High School:  Kipp Indy Legacy High School

Little Sister Khiase and Big Sister Madison Prillwitz have been matched together for 4 years. Khiase will be graduating from Kipp Indy Legacy High School in May 2023. Khiase will be attending Cosmetology after high school.

During their time together in the BBBSCI (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana) program Little Siter Khiase and Big Sister Madison have enjoyed going to a haunted house, going to a Colts game, and an agency sponsored Big Futures event. Khiase looks forward to continuing their same relationship, and Madison looks forward to seeing her accomplishments and her moving onto a different stage in life. Khaise shares she has gained a big sister, cousin, mom, a close friend, and still wants to see Madison’s baby!

Madison said if she could share one thing with Khiase about her impact on her life she would say, "she has impacted me to think differently about things, have patience with things in life, and to cherish the limited moments." The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for both Khiase and Madison after graduating from the program. We wish you both the best of luck!