Companies and/or agencies partner with us to provide educational, cultural, or entertainment benefits for our matches. To find out more about becoming a Community Partner or to donate tickets for events, please contact Sophia Trivas, Manager, Program Events & Partnerships, at strivas@bbbsci.org or 317.472.3709.


We are proud to spotlight our partnership with the STEM Connection. The STEM Connection has partnered with BBBSCI since 2018 to provide engaging and educational STEM programming for Bigs and Littles. Over the years, Bigs and Littles have visited Moore Road Farm to explore the great outdoors and learn about nature in a variety of ways. Each visit with The STEM Connection is based around a theme, such as "Animals as Engineers" where matches not only learned how birds and other creatures build nests and other structures, but also got to see them first-hand and build their own versions with materials found on the farm. The STEM Connection was an invaluable partner through the pandemic—providing outdoor events as well as assembling 100 STEM Family kits for Littles to take home and learn on-the-go. In 2021-2022, we look forward to more match events and even some that engage our parents and families too!

"My Little Gaby and I loved getting to explore a hidden gem in Indianapolis! Seeing a real eagle's nest in person was so cool! We learned about soil, gardening, and flowers.  So much fun! - Big Sister Paulina