Match: Little – Trinity Big – Jackie Lai

Match Date:  July 8, 2017

Little’s High School:  Lawrence Central High School

Little Sister Trinity and Big Sister Jackie have been matched together for 6 years. Trinity will be graduating from Lawrence Central High School in June 2023. Come Fall Trinity will be attending Indiana University to pursue Nursing.

During their time in the BBBSCI (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana) program Little Sister Trinity and Big Sister Jackie enjoyed grocery shopping and cooking, playing cards, Fever basketball game, and college visit at Purdue University. Trinity shared, "Jackie, you have been a part of my journey during the best and worst times of my life. You’ve always had a sound mind and sound advice. When we spend time together, I forget about all my troubles. You’ve taught me so much about life in general and have always given me opportunities that have benefited me. I’ve grown so much from our sisterhood. Thanks to you, I am much more social, and I feel comfortable communicating in every aspect of my life."

Jackie shared the most she got out of her relationship with Trinity is, "I've gotten the chance to become friends with someone I might not have connected with otherwise. I've gotten a chance to see how another person grows up and manages all the things that come their way, and sometimes, I can be a sounding board or give advice to help if they want. It has been a privilege to watch Trinity grow up into the amazing young woman she is today!"

The BBBSCI Family will be rooting for both Trinity and Jackie after graduating from the program. We wish you both the best of luck!